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These are some of the many projects we are proud to be involved in:

2020 Main Street Upgrades - Penticton BC

The Main Street Upgrades project involved installing storm, sewer, water, underground electrical, relining the sewer main, concrete curb, sidewalks, paving, and landscaping.  The project was done with limited closures on the busy main road by planning the work on only one side of the road at a time.

2019 Daly Ave Watermain Improvements - Hedley BC

Client: Village of Hedley
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The Daly Ave Watermain Improvements project involved the replacement of an old 75mm cast iron watermain with a new 150mm PVC watermain.

2019 Oliver Capital Works 2019 - Oliver, BC

Client: Town of Oliver
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For the 2019 Penticton Capital Works project, we upgraded many roads in Oliver. We worked on Fairview Rd, McGowan Drive, Crest-A-Way Road, Park Drive, and Airport Street. The upgrades vary, including new water services, dry wells, catch basins, paving stones, asphalt, concrete curb, and sidewalk.

2019 Renfrew Rd Repair and Storm Service Upgrades - Oliver, BC

Client: District of Peachland

The Renfrew Rd repair project consisted of installing a 15-inch perforated storm main, surrounded by drain rock and filter cloth, to collect groundwater and direct it to an appropriate location.  Following the pipework, we restored the road with new asphalt, ditching, and hydroseeding.

2019 Earle Crescent Reconstruction - Oliver, BC

Client: Town of Oliver
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The Earle Crescent Reconstruction project consisted of regrading the roadway, adding curb, adjusting sidewalks and paving.  We also installed paving stones, new water services, storm dry wells, and catch basins.

2019 Area 27 Go Kart Track - Oliver, BC

Once in a while a project comes along that brings a smile to your face just talking about it. The Area 27 Go Kart Track is definitely one of them. The track was designed by Jacques Villeneuve and we take a lot of pride in building the 1.2 Kilometers track exactly how Jacques designed.

2019 Water Treatment Plant - Peachland, BC

Client: District of Peachland
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The Peachland Water Treatment project is civil construction on a large scale. Deep excavations, large pipe and big equipment. We are working with Maple Reinders to bring the project to completion. The project consists of water main, storm main, electrical, natural gas, paving and sidewalks.

2019 Marriott Hotel - Penticton, BC

Client: Marriott Hotel
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We worked as a subcontractor helping to build the 95 room Marriott Hotel. We provided excavating and trucking services to prep for the foundations. We then worked with plumbers and electricians to service the building. Once the building was started, we moved into the parking lot to connect the water, sewer and electrical to the City of Penticton main lines. The project will be finished off by installing street lighting, asphalt paving and landscaping.

2018 Watermain Upgrades - Penticton Indian Band

Client: Penticton Indian Band
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Our crews were hard at work replacing watermain for the Penticton Indian Band during the 2018-2019 winter season. We worked with Westhills Aggregates to replace around 7 kilometers of water main. The project also included new water services, fire hydrants and asphalt pavement restoration.

2018 Government Street Upgrades - Penticton Regional Hospital

Client: Penticton Regional Hospital
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To finish off the new Penticton Regional Hospital Expansion we assisted Ellis Don to widen and upgrade Government Street adjacent to the new hospital. The upgrades included new storm sewer lines, catch basin drains, fire hydrants, curb, sidewalk and asphalt paving.

2018 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton

For the 2018 Penticton Capital Works project we upgraded many roads in Penticton. We worked on Nelson Ave, Killarney St, Toronto Ave, Gahan Ave, King St, Industrial Ave, Government St, and Dawson Ave. The upgrades vary including new water mains and services, new sewer services and catch basins. We worked with Peters Bros to repave some of our city streets. In addition to the major works, we completed crosswalk improvements to other areas of town.

2018 Downtown Revitalization (300 Block) - Penticton, BC

In the 2018 Downtown Penticton Revitalization project we worked on the 300 block of Main Street. We installed new water mains, irrigation main, sewer main, catch basins and underground electrical. The project was finished with new trees, concrete curb, sidewalks, paving stones, traffic calming ramps and asphalt pavement.

2018 Station Street Reconstruction - Oliver BC

Client: Town of Oliver

In Oliver, BC we battled high ground water to install a deep sewer main down Station St and Fairview Rd. We replaced curbs and sidewalk on Fairview Rd then took to revitalizing Station St. We installed a new watermain, storm main, catch basins, curb, sidewalk, underground electrical, irrigation and landscaping.

2018 The Bow 46 Lot Subdivision - Penticton, BC

At The Bow we provided civil construction service to the developer. Starting from bare land we stripped the ground, imported structural fill, installed water, storm and sewer lines. We also worked with the home builders and electricians to finish off the project.

2017 Coast Hotel - Oliver, BC

At the Coast Hotel in Oliver we worked as a civil sub-contractor. The project involved stripping topsoil, excavating for the building, working with builders, plumbers and electricians. In the parking lot we imported a large amount of structural fill, installed sewer, water and storm services. Prepped for concrete curbs, sidewalks, and pavement.

2017 Naramata Water System Rehabilitation Project - Naramata, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen
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The 2017 Naramata Water System Rehabilitation Project involves bypassing the existing watermain and temporarily connecting the water services. After the existing watermain is bypassed we are installing a new watermain, reconnecting the services, repaving and restoring the road corridor.

2017 Rural Area Twinning Phase 1 - Osoyoos, BC

Client: Town of Osoyoos
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Working on the highway boulevard and side streets we installed a new watermain for the Town of Osoyoos. We then reconnected the services, repaved the roads and restored the frontage landscaping.

2017 Ashley Furniture Homestore - Penticton, BC

Client: Ashley Furniture
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Constructing the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Penticton BC we worked as a subcontractor and provided excavation and civil work. We dug for the building footings and slab, worked with plumbers and electricians, installed the water and sewer service, installed storm piping and built the roadways and parking lot.

2017 Gallagher Lake Village - Gallagher Lake, BC

Client: Gallager Lake Village
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In Gallager Lake we constructed a 27 lot sub-division. Starting from bare land we stripped the topsoil, graded the roads, installed water, sewer and storm piping. Next we poured curb, installed underground electrical, built the roadway, and paved the roads.

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2017 The Ridge - Penticton, BC

Client: The Ridge
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In Penticton BC we constructed a large sub-division called The Ridge. Starting from bare land we stripped the topsoil, graded the roads, installed water, sewer and storm piping. Next we poured curb, installed underground electrical, built the roadway, and worked with Peters Bros to pave the roads.

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2016 Downtown Revitalization (100 and 200 Block) - Penticton, BC

For this project we have completely changed the appearance of the 100 and 200 blocks of Main Street from building front to building front.  The entire road was revamped including the underground utilities and connections to buildings.  Our project team has installed new water main, catch basins, widened the sidewalks, installed paving stones, and installed new underground electrical with decorative streetlights.  The 100 and 200 blocks of Main Street includes the construction of raised intersections at Nanaimo and Westminster.

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2016 6th Ave and 4th Street Upgrades - Keremeos, BC

Client: Village of Keremeos
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In Keremeos we upgraded 6th Avenue and 4th Street with new sidewalks, curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, storm catch basins, drywells, ditching, line painting, and landscaping.

2016 74th Ave Reconstruction (85th St to Main St) - Osoyoos, BC

Client: Town Of Osoyoos
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In Osoyoos we continued the upgrade of 74th Avenue. The upgrades consisted of new curb and gutter, sidewalks, a fire hydrant, storm water infiltration gallery, catch basins, landscaping, irrigation, asphalt paving, line painting and tree planting.

2016 Little Engine Wines - Penticton, BC

Client: Little Engine Wines
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Little Engine Wines is a new winery on Naramata Rd. We were involved in building the property along with the General Contractor. We dug footings, prepped for the concrete slab, installed underground services, built the access road and parking lot, installed a hydrant, a large water storage tank and more.

2016 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton
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For the 2016 Penticton Capital Works project we upgraded many streets around Penticton. We upgraded Conklin Ave, Douglas Ave, Argyle St, Skaha Lake Rd, Secrest Ave Lane, Ontario St, Kinney Ave, Eckhart Ave, Government St, Main St, SOEC Parking Lot, Vernon Ave Parking Lot, and Poplar Grove Parking Lot. Some of the upgrades included new water main, storm main, sewer main, manholes, underground electrical, street lamp bases, water and sanitary services, drywells, catch basins, storm water oil/grit separators, curbing, sidewalk, asphalt paving, speed humps, line painting and fencing.

2016 Penticton Hospital Early Works - Penticton, BC

Client: Penticton Regional Hospital
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In the PRH Early Works project we helped Ellis Don prepare for the big dig. We constructed a new employee parking lot with underground electrical, street lighting, storm water piping, catch basins, a flow control manhole and an oil/grit separator. Near the main entrance to the hospital we installed two large sanitary storage tanks, a fuel tank and re-landscaped the area. We also installed the 12″ sanitary service, and the 6″ and 8″ water services to the future building. We then reconstructed the existing parking lot to it’s original configuration.

2016 Gateway Casino - Penticton, BC

Client: Gateway Casino
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At the Gateway Casino we assisted the General Contractor in constructing the new building, access roads and parking lot. We worked with plumbers and electricians to install the underground pipework inside the building footprint. We also dug footings and prepped for the concrete slab. Then we installed a new storm main line, sanitary main line, manholes, catch basins, storm water oil/grit separator, storm water infiltration galley, flow control manhole, asphalt pavement and curbing.

2015 Sendero Canyon - Penticton, BC

Client: Sendero Canyon
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Since 2012 we have provided excavation services to Sendero canyon.  We have provided building excavation, trucking, gravel, lot grading and preparation for parks and paths.  We look forward to providing services to Sendero for many years to come.

2015 Airport Rd Forcemain Replacement - Penticton, BC

Client: Public Works and Government Services Canada
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The Airport Rd Forcemain project included installing a new 4″ fused HDPE line from the new sanitary lift station to the highway. This project included the fusing of many sticks of pipe, installing the line complete with valves, bends and tee’s. We then reconstructed the ground back to it’s original condition including topsoil, sod, paving and curbing.

2015 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton
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For the 2015 Penticton Capital Works project we upgraded many streets around Penticton. We upgraded Dynes Ave, Burnaby Ave, Granby Ave, Carmi Ave, Municipal Ave and Corry Place. Some of the upgrades included new water main, sewer main, manholes, underground electrical, water and sanitary services, drywells, catch basins, curbing, sidewalk, asphalt paving and line painting.

2015 Faulder Water System Upgrades - Summerland, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

In Faulder we installed pipework to connect the existing water system to a new well and a new uranium treatment plant. This project included the construction of a lock block retaining wall, watermain, fencing and access road grading. We also cut and installed new door in a concrete wall, built concrete pads and constructed a generator enclosure with aluminum roofing.

2015 Lakehill Pedestrian Corridor - Kaleden, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen
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In Kaleden we constructed 1780 meters of raised asphalt pathway. We filled low areas and cut out edges of banks to fit the pathway onto the existing road. We installed catch basins with outlets into the existing ditch then laid an asphalt curb and built the new sidewalk to tie into the top of the curb.

2015 OK Falls Intersection Improvements - OK Falls, BC

In 2015 we upgraded the main Highway 97 intersection in OK Falls (9th Ave and Main St). This upgrade included some new alignment of corners, stamped asphalt crosswalks, street signage and lighting, line painting, curbing and asphalt pavement.

2015 Tim Hortons and Co-Op - Penticton, BC

Client: Tim Hortons and Co-Op

The Tim Hortons and Co-Op project consisted of taking a property which once had a building on it, cleaning the site up, and constructing a new building, parking lot, drive-thru and gas station. We were the civil subcontractor for the general contractor on this project. We provided excavation, trucking, pipework (sanitary, water, electrical, storm), catch basins, trench drains, manholes, lamp bases, curbing, asphalt paving, and surveying.

2015 Well 6 Upgrade - OK Falls, BC

Client: OK Falls Irrigation District

The OK Falls Well 6 Upgrade project involved constructing fenced in, functional site for the new well #6. We were a sub-contractor for the general contractor on this project. The project consisted of building a new pump house including all pipework and fencing in the compound. We provided excavation, water main pipe laying, concrete slab prep, trucking and asphalt pavement.

2015 Raw Water Transmission Line - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton

For this project we upgraded the large raw water transmission line the brings water to the water treatment plant in Penticton. The line that we installed is a 750mm (2 1/2′) diameter steel watermain. This project included installing the 750mm steel pipe, cathodic protection, trucking, surveying, concrete curbing, asphalt paving and line painting.

2015 Pavement and Sidewalks - Penticton, BC

The 2015 Penticton Paving and Sidewalks project involved installing traffic calming measures and pedestrian sidewalks around town. We also completed some pavement rehabilitation as part of the contract. We completed work on Duncan Ave, Estabrook Ave, Middle Bench Rd, Kinney Ave, McGraw St, Wiltse Blvd, Balsam Ave, Pineview Rd, Green Ave, Wilson St, and South Main St. The project included installing catch basins, concrete sidewalks, concrete curbing, paving stones, redi-rock retaining walls, asphalt pavement, asphalt speed humps, line painting. We also built a pickleball court including excavation, fine grading, paving, painting and fencing.

2015 Hwy 97A Watermain Upgrade - Sicamous, BC

Client: District of Sicamous

For this project we installed a new watermain in Sicamous BC right next to the highway. This project included excavation, water main pipe laying, geotechnical engineering, traffic control, trucking and surveying.

2015 Beechwood Development - Penticton, BC

Client: Beechwood Development

Beechwood Development is a 15 unit Condo Development located on Power Street in Penticton. We were a civil sub-contractor on this project. We started with a bare land site, prepped the site for pipework, installed water, storm and sanitary services. We also constructed new concrete driveways and sidewalks, installed catch basins, paved roadways and prepped the ground for builders.

2014 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton

For the 2014 Penticton Capital Works project we have made improvements to 8 areas of the city from Skaha beach to downtown. The scope of work on each road varied.  The improvements include new water main and services, sanitary main and services,  storm main, dry-wells, catch basins, hydrants, underground electrical, sidewalks, curb and gutter, paving, retaining walls, lot grading and landscaping.

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2014 Riverside Village - Penticton, BC

Client: Riverside Village

We have been providing excavation and civil construction services at Riverside Village since 2008 when the first building was constructed.  Today there are 7 fully serviced buildings and 1.5 acres of asphalt parking complete with curb and landscaping.  The most recent additions, buildings 6 and 7, were completed January 2015.

2014 Arawana Rd Watermain Upgrades - Naramata, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

The Arawana Rd project consisted of installing water main on Arawana Road, Ponderosa Drive, Debeck Road, and Spruce Drive in Naramata. We began the project by milling the existing asphalt road, tapping into the live water main on Arawana Rd, and installing the water main. We installed new water services, electrical conduit, repaved roads and reinstalled asphalt curbing.

2014 Gallagher Lake Village Sub-Division - Gallager Lake, BC

Client: Gallagher Lake Village

Gallagher Lake Village is a sub-division in Gallagher Lake BC. The site had dead end roads that we continued, adding and additional 470 meters of roadway including concrete curb, asphalt pavement, water main, sanitary main, hydrants, catch basins, drywells, services and underground electrical. We also graded the 69 lots, provided trucking, gravels and surveying.

2014 Lipsett Watermain Installation - Peachland, BC

Client: District of Peachland

On Lipsett Ave in Peachland we installed 175 meters of 6″ (150mm) water main. This project involved removing some existing asphalt, excavating to the design grade of the water main, installing the line, backfilling, pavement prep and asphalt paving. We also had to restore some existing driveways and re-shoulder the road.

2014 Lakeshore Dr Pedestrian Corridor - Osoyoos, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

On Lakeshore Drive in Osoyoos we constructed 640 meters of multiuse asphalt pathway. This project included installing a vegetated wall system near the waterline on Osoyoos Lake.

2014 Princeton Watermain Replacement - Princeton, BC

Client: Town of Princeton

In Princeton we installed water main in 3 parts of town. We removed the existing asphalt, excavated to design grade, installed the watermain and services, backfilled the excavation and repaved the roadways.

2014 Toasted Oak Water and Sewer Replacement - Oliver, BC

Client: Town of Oliver

In Oliver we installed new water main, sanitary main and repaved the lane. We provided excavating, water and sanitary pipe laying, gravels, trucking, surveying and asphalt paving.