Grizzly Excavating Ltd.


These are some of the many projects we are proud to be involved in:

2014 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton

For the 2014 Penticton Capital Works project we have made improvements to 8 areas of the city from Skaha beach to downtown. The scope of work on each road varied.  The improvements include new water main and services, sanitary main and services,  storm main, dry-wells, catch basins, hydrants, underground electrical, sidewalks, curb and gutter, paving, retaining walls, lot grading and landscaping.

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2014 Riverside Village - Penticton, BC

Client: Riverside Village

We have been providing excavation and civil construction services at Riverside Village since 2008 when the first building was constructed.  Today there are 7 fully serviced buildings and 1.5 acres of asphalt parking complete with curb and landscaping.  The most recent additions, buildings 6 and 7, were completed January 2015.

2014 Arawana Rd Watermain Upgrades - Naramata, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

The Arawana Rd project consisted of installing water main on Arawana Road, Ponderosa Drive, Debeck Road, and Spruce Drive in Naramata. We began the project by milling the existing asphalt road, tapping into the live water main on Arawana Rd, and installing the water main. We installed new water services, electrical conduit, repaved roads and reinstalled asphalt curbing.

2014 Gallagher Lake Village Sub-Division - Gallager Lake, BC

Client: Gallagher Lake Village

Gallagher Lake Village is a sub-division in Gallagher Lake BC. The site had dead end roads that we continued, adding and additional 470 meters of roadway including concrete curb, asphalt pavement, water main, sanitary main, hydrants, catch basins, drywells, services and underground electrical. We also graded the 69 lots, provided trucking, gravels and surveying.

2014 Lipsett Watermain Installation - Peachland, BC

Client: District of Peachland

On Lipsett Ave in Peachland we installed 175 meters of 6″ (150mm) water main. This project involved removing some existing asphalt, excavating to the design grade of the water main, installing the line, backfilling, pavement prep and asphalt paving. We also had to restore some existing driveways and re-shoulder the road.

2014 Lakeshore Dr Pedestrian Corridor - Osoyoos, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

On Lakeshore Drive in Osoyoos we constructed 640 meters of multiuse asphalt pathway. This project included installing a vegetated wall system near the waterline on Osoyoos Lake.

2014 Princeton Watermain Replacement - Princeton, BC

Client: Town of Princeton

In Princeton we installed water main in 3 parts of town. We removed the existing asphalt, excavated to design grade, installed the watermain and services, backfilled the excavation and repaved the roadways.

2014 Toasted Oak Water and Sewer Replacement - Oliver, BC

Client: Town of Oliver

In Oliver we installed new water main, sanitary main and repaved the lane. We provided excavating, water and sanitary pipe laying, gravels, trucking, surveying and asphalt paving.