Grizzly Excavating Ltd.


These are some of the many projects we are proud to be involved in:

2018 Watermain Upgrades - Penticton Indian Band

Client: Penticton Indian Band
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Our crews were hard at work replacing watermain for the Penticton Indian Band during the 2018-2019 winter season. We worked with Westhills Aggregates to replace around 7 kilometers of water main. The project also included new water services, fire hydrants and asphalt pavement restoration.

2018 Government Street Upgrades - Penticton Regional Hospital

Client: Penticton Regional Hospital
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To finish off the new Penticton Regional Hospital Expansion we assisted Ellis Don to widen and upgrade Government Street adjacent to the new hospital. The upgrades included new storm sewer lines, catch basin drains, fire hydrants, curb, sidewalk and asphalt paving.

2018 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton

For the 2018 Penticton Capital Works project we upgraded many roads in Penticton. We worked on Nelson Ave, Killarney St, Toronto Ave, Gahan Ave, King St, Industrial Ave, Government St, and Dawson Ave. The upgrades vary including new water mains and services, new sewer services and catch basins. We worked with Peters Bros to repave some of our city streets. In addition to the major works, we completed crosswalk improvements to other areas of town.

2018 Downtown Revitalization (300 Block) - Penticton, BC

In the 2018 Downtown Penticton Revitalization project we worked on the 300 block of Main Street. We installed new water mains, irrigation main, sewer main, catch basins and underground electrical. The project was finished with new trees, concrete curb, sidewalks, paving stones, traffic calming ramps and asphalt pavement.

2018 Station Street Reconstruction - Oliver BC

Client: Town of Oliver

In Oliver, BC we battled high ground water to install a deep sewer main down Station St and Fairview Rd. We replaced curbs and sidewalk on Fairview Rd then took to revitalizing Station St. We installed a new watermain, storm main, catch basins, curb, sidewalk, underground electrical, irrigation and landscaping.

2018 The Bow 46 Lot Subdivision - Penticton, BC

At The Bow we provided civil construction service to the developer. Starting from bare land we stripped the ground, imported structural fill, installed water, storm and sewer lines. We also worked with the home builders and electricians to finish off the project.