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These are some of the many projects we are proud to be involved in:

2016 Downtown Revitalization (100 and 200 Block) - Penticton, BC

For this project we have completely changed the appearance of the 100 and 200 blocks of Main Street from building front to building front.  The entire road was revamped including the underground utilities and connections to buildings.  Our project team has installed new water main, catch basins, widened the sidewalks, installed paving stones, and installed new underground electrical with decorative streetlights.  The 100 and 200 blocks of Main Street includes the construction of raised intersections at Nanaimo and Westminster.

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2016 6th Ave and 4th Street Upgrades - Keremeos, BC

Client: Village of Keremeos
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In Keremeos we upgraded 6th Avenue and 4th Street with new sidewalks, curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, storm catch basins, drywells, ditching, line painting, and landscaping.

2016 74th Ave Reconstruction (85th St to Main St) - Osoyoos, BC

Client: Town Of Osoyoos
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In Osoyoos we continued the upgrade of 74th Avenue. The upgrades consisted of new curb and gutter, sidewalks, a fire hydrant, storm water infiltration gallery, catch basins, landscaping, irrigation, asphalt paving, line painting and tree planting.

2016 Little Engine Wines - Penticton, BC

Client: Little Engine Wines
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Little Engine Wines is a new winery on Naramata Rd. We were involved in building the property along with the General Contractor. We dug footings, prepped for the concrete slab, installed underground services, built the access road and parking lot, installed a hydrant, a large water storage tank and more.

2016 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton
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For the 2016 Penticton Capital Works project we upgraded many streets around Penticton. We upgraded Conklin Ave, Douglas Ave, Argyle St, Skaha Lake Rd, Secrest Ave Lane, Ontario St, Kinney Ave, Eckhart Ave, Government St, Main St, SOEC Parking Lot, Vernon Ave Parking Lot, and Poplar Grove Parking Lot. Some of the upgrades included new water main, storm main, sewer main, manholes, underground electrical, street lamp bases, water and sanitary services, drywells, catch basins, storm water oil/grit separators, curbing, sidewalk, asphalt paving, speed humps, line painting and fencing.

2016 Penticton Hospital Early Works - Penticton, BC

Client: Penticton Regional Hospital
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In the PRH Early Works project we helped Ellis Don prepare for the big dig. We constructed a new employee parking lot with underground electrical, street lighting, storm water piping, catch basins, a flow control manhole and an oil/grit separator. Near the main entrance to the hospital we installed two large sanitary storage tanks, a fuel tank and re-landscaped the area. We also installed the 12″ sanitary service, and the 6″ and 8″ water services to the future building. We then reconstructed the existing parking lot to it’s original configuration.

2016 Gateway Casino - Penticton, BC

Client: Gateway Casino
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At the Gateway Casino we assisted the General Contractor in constructing the new building, access roads and parking lot. We worked with plumbers and electricians to install the underground pipework inside the building footprint. We also dug footings and prepped for the concrete slab. Then we installed a new storm main line, sanitary main line, manholes, catch basins, storm water oil/grit separator, storm water infiltration galley, flow control manhole, asphalt pavement and curbing.