Grizzly Excavating Ltd.


These are some of the many projects we are proud to be involved in:

2015 Sendero Canyon - Penticton, BC

Client: Sendero Canyon
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Since 2012 we have provided excavation services to Sendero canyon.  We have provided building excavation, trucking, gravel, lot grading and preparation for parks and paths.  We look forward to providing services to Sendero for many years to come.

2015 Airport Rd Forcemain Replacement - Penticton, BC

Client: Public Works and Government Services Canada
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The Airport Rd Forcemain project included installing a new 4″ fused HDPE line from the new sanitary lift station to the highway. This project included the fusing of many sticks of pipe, installing the line complete with valves, bends and tee’s. We then reconstructed the ground back to it’s original condition including topsoil, sod, paving and curbing.

2015 Capital Works - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton
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For the 2015 Penticton Capital Works project we upgraded many streets around Penticton. We upgraded Dynes Ave, Burnaby Ave, Granby Ave, Carmi Ave, Municipal Ave and Corry Place. Some of the upgrades included new water main, sewer main, manholes, underground electrical, water and sanitary services, drywells, catch basins, curbing, sidewalk, asphalt paving and line painting.

2015 Faulder Water System Upgrades - Summerland, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen

In Faulder we installed pipework to connect the existing water system to a new well and a new uranium treatment plant. This project included the construction of a lock block retaining wall, watermain, fencing and access road grading. We also cut and installed new door in a concrete wall, built concrete pads and constructed a generator enclosure with aluminum roofing.

2015 Lakehill Pedestrian Corridor - Kaleden, BC

Client: Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen
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In Kaleden we constructed 1780 meters of raised asphalt pathway. We filled low areas and cut out edges of banks to fit the pathway onto the existing road. We installed catch basins with outlets into the existing ditch then laid an asphalt curb and built the new sidewalk to tie into the top of the curb.

2015 OK Falls Intersection Improvements - OK Falls, BC

In 2015 we upgraded the main Highway 97 intersection in OK Falls (9th Ave and Main St). This upgrade included some new alignment of corners, stamped asphalt crosswalks, street signage and lighting, line painting, curbing and asphalt pavement.

2015 Tim Hortons and Co-Op - Penticton, BC

Client: Tim Hortons and Co-Op

The Tim Hortons and Co-Op project consisted of taking a property which once had a building on it, cleaning the site up, and constructing a new building, parking lot, drive-thru and gas station. We were the civil subcontractor for the general contractor on this project. We provided excavation, trucking, pipework (sanitary, water, electrical, storm), catch basins, trench drains, manholes, lamp bases, curbing, asphalt paving, and surveying.

2015 Well 6 Upgrade - OK Falls, BC

Client: OK Falls Irrigation District

The OK Falls Well 6 Upgrade project involved constructing fenced in, functional site for the new well #6. We were a sub-contractor for the general contractor on this project. The project consisted of building a new pump house including all pipework and fencing in the compound. We provided excavation, water main pipe laying, concrete slab prep, trucking and asphalt pavement.

2015 Raw Water Transmission Line - Penticton, BC

Client: City of Penticton

For this project we upgraded the large raw water transmission line the brings water to the water treatment plant in Penticton. The line that we installed is a 750mm (2 1/2′) diameter steel watermain. This project included installing the 750mm steel pipe, cathodic protection, trucking, surveying, concrete curbing, asphalt paving and line painting.

2015 Pavement and Sidewalks - Penticton, BC

The 2015 Penticton Paving and Sidewalks project involved installing traffic calming measures and pedestrian sidewalks around town. We also completed some pavement rehabilitation as part of the contract. We completed work on Duncan Ave, Estabrook Ave, Middle Bench Rd, Kinney Ave, McGraw St, Wiltse Blvd, Balsam Ave, Pineview Rd, Green Ave, Wilson St, and South Main St. The project included installing catch basins, concrete sidewalks, concrete curbing, paving stones, redi-rock retaining walls, asphalt pavement, asphalt speed humps, line painting. We also built a pickleball court including excavation, fine grading, paving, painting and fencing.

2015 Hwy 97A Watermain Upgrade - Sicamous, BC

Client: District of Sicamous

For this project we installed a new watermain in Sicamous BC right next to the highway. This project included excavation, water main pipe laying, geotechnical engineering, traffic control, trucking and surveying.

2015 Beechwood Development - Penticton, BC

Client: Beechwood Development

Beechwood Development is a 15 unit Condo Development located on Power Street in Penticton. We were a civil sub-contractor on this project. We started with a bare land site, prepped the site for pipework, installed water, storm and sanitary services. We also constructed new concrete driveways and sidewalks, installed catch basins, paved roadways and prepped the ground for builders.