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Gravel Sales

Facility Products

Screened Topsoil

All natural screened topsoil stripped from the South Okanagan Valley.

3/4" (19mm) Minus Crush - MMCD Spec

3/4″ minus spec road base crush manufactured to Master Municipal Construction Document Standard.

3/4" (19mm) Minus Crush - M.O.T. Spec

3/4″ minus spec road base crush manufactured to Ministry of Transportation Standard.

3/4" (19mm) Minus Crush - ECO Crush

¾” minus spec crushed road base manufactured to MMCD standards using a blend of asphalt, concrete and aggregate which diverts these construction waste materials from area landfills.

3" (75mm) Minus Crush - MMCD, M.O.T. Spec

3″ minus spec road sub-base crush manufactured to industry standards. 3″ crush is used as a rigid layer under roads, driveways or buildings to give a solid structure that can withstand heavy objects without sinking. The combination of large and small rocks bind together to create a bridge under the ground. Top 3″ with a finer crush when you are finishing your prep work before paving or pouring.

1/2" Crusher Chips

1/2″ minus crusher chips made from crushed rock.  Great for fine applications like paving stones and retaining walls.

Radon Rock

Radon gas occurs naturally in the earth and has been recognized by Health Canada to have adverse health effects.  Radon rock is used under the concrete slab in construction of new homes to reduce the inlet of radon gas into the house.

Clear 1" Granite Landscape Rock

Apply filter cloth and Granite Landscape Rock to finish off your project.


RAP is milled or crushed asphalt from existing roads.  Properly applied and compacted on driveways, walkways and access roads it creates a surface which is durable and impervious to water.

Bedding Sand

Clean bedding sand can be used for bedding pipes, paving stones, concrete slab prep.

8" Minus Clean Fill

Clean fill for your construction project.  We can also provide trucking if needed.

Facility Info

Grizzy Excavating Gravel Sales Facility is a large, easily accessible property only 400 meters from the Penticton Reservation bridge.  We provide a dumping service for clean materials from your civil construction projects.  With our facility being right in town we can help you minimize cost and maximize productivity.

We carry a large inventory of certified materials for your construction projects.  We can provide test reports on request.

Feel free to stop by and see what we’re all about.  Our staff will be happy to show you around.

Accepted Materials

  • Concrete
  • Rock
  • Asphalt
  • Clean Common

Rejected Materials

  • Clay
  • Silt
  • Topsoil
  • Mixed Materials

Facility Location


181 Green Mountain Rd, Penticton, BC


  1. From the intersection of Green Mountain Road and Channel Parkway (Hwy 97)
  2. Head west on Green Mountain Road 400 meters
  3. Facility is on the right