Grizzly Excavating Ltd.


Here are some of the things we do…


We have a full crushing and screening plant capable of crushing up to 5 products at once. Our crusher operator has over 35 years experience in crushing and he is accompanied by experienced crusher hands, operators and mechanics. All products meet spec and we recommend having a geotechnical engineer test the products daily.


Grizzly now has 11 dump trucks of all sizes capable of hauling loads from 2-13 cubic meters.  We haul a variety of materials ranging from crush, rock, topsoil, sand, asphalt etc.  With such a large fleet of trucks we can provide trucking for very large jobs or a single load.

Residential Work

Residential work has always been the cornerstone of Grizzly.  With our vastly experienced team there is no project too big or too small!  Whether you need excavation for footings or a new driveway we have the machine to fit your needs.  Grizzly has staff experienced in many aspects of residential work including retaining walls and landscaping.

Road Building

Grizzly has built quality roads in cities all over the province.  We have a full line of road building equipment from various excavators to gravel trucks to bull dozers to compaction equipment.  Our staff excavates unsuitable material, installs underground pipework, and builds the road back up.  We work closely with geotechnical engineers, paving and concrete contractors to offer a completed road building service.

Rock Slinging

The Stone Slinger is best used when you have a large amount of material to distribute and restricted access.  The high speed conveyor shoots materials into tight spaces, up slopes, anywhere it can reach. The stone slinger works faster than an excavator and is able to reach more areas with restricted access.  The stone slinger can spread many materials from crush to drain rock to topsoil.

Hydro-Vac Trucking

The hydro-vac truck is great for excavations in sensitive areas where you don’t want to disturb the existing underground service. With high pressure water and a high power articulating vacuum we can excavate around buried power lines, gas lines, sanitary services etc. without any risk of damaging the lines. The hydro-vac is also great for digging holes for posts or poles because it can make a perfectly round hole without leaving any material behind.

Small and Large Scale Demolitions

No Job is too small or too large!  With our equipment and trucking power we can turn a daunting task into a walk in the park.  Whether you want a shed gone in an afternoon or a commercial building to be just a memory we have the committed staff and equipment to make it happen.

Water Trucks

Grizzly Excavating has 3 water trucks that can each haul over 11,000 liters.  Each truck is equipped with front, rear and side sprayers as well as a 2″ hose connection and long hoses.  The water trucks can be used for wetting down roads or backfill material.  They can also be used for temporary water for new trees or landscaping when the irrigation isn’t working yet.  If needed we can fill your pool in a hurry by using all of our trucks.

Bulk Excavations

With excavators as large as EX 450 capable of scooping over 4 M3 per scoop and rock trucks capable of hauling over 150 m3 per hour we can bulk out a very large site in a short amount of time.

Onsite Excavations

Grizzly Excavating provides onsite excavations for many general contractors using our fleet of excavators, skid steers and gravel trucks..  Our experienced operators work with builders, plumbers and electricians to make the blueprints come to life.  We provide everything from bulk excavations to utility trenching to precise slab prep.


With 3 different sizes of trailers we can provide low bedding for all of your equipment.  Our experienced staff can safely load, transport and unload onsite.

Construction Surveying

Grizzly employs a survey crew with over 35 years of experience in construction survey.  We have a large inventory of state of the art equipment including Real Time Kinetic GPS, Robotic Theodolites and Builders Levels.  We are capable of providing layout of roads, underground services, lot grading, retaining walls, fences etc.  We can also provide topographic and quantity surveying.  Using AutoCAD Civil 3D we can provide a complete surveying service to suit your needs.

Asphalt and Concrete Cutting

Grizzly is outfitted with the crew and equipment to cut Asphalt and Concrete slabs up to 10″ thick.